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Driveway Gate From Lincoln Metalcraft

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  • Can I install electric gates on inclined driveways?: While you will obviously not be able to install electric gates that open inwards into your property if you have an inclined driveway.A more elegant solution is to go for sliding gates that either slide to one side of the entrance or have two sections that slide towards either side
  • How will I deal with a power failure?: Almost all electric gates provide some sort of manual release key and instructions on how to open the gate when there is a power failure. Some systems will also come with a battery backup option. Even without a battery option you should be able to use the manual release feature to open and close your gate
  • Do they have sensors to detect cars or people?: Your gate is fitted with a loopr detector that senses the presence of a vehicle or person on the drive within the opening area and preventing electric gates from closing on a vehicle if one is in front of the gate
  • How will I know if there are people on the other side of the gate while it is closed?: Lincoln Metalcraft can fit a two way intercom system to your electric gate, it can be audio or audio and videa so you can see who is wanting access to your property
  • Will visitors be able to enter the property when no one is around?: They will only be able to access your property if you have a keypad entry system and you have given your relative or cleaner the access code
  • How often will my electric gate system need servicing?: It is advisable to have your electric gates serviced every year to ensure that they are working effectively to ensure you maintain the integrity of the system


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