Domestic Metal Fencing

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Domestic Metal Fencing

Lincoln Metalcraft have plenty of choices when it comes to metal fencing designs from the simplest to more complex and intricate. Of course, we cannot forget the durability and the sturdiness of metal fencing, which makes it ideal for any kind of property.

A coat of paint is enough for a metal fence to last for many years. When the metal eventually degenerates, metal fences are easy and cheaper to repair or replace.


  • All our residential metal railings are made to measure
  • All designs can be custom built to suit your requirements
  • We can design and manufacture your railings in a wide range of materials including steel and wrought iron
  • We offer a full range of quality finishes
  • Enhance plain iron work with scroll panels or floral units
  • We can produce precise drawings ensuring you will be happy with the finished product prior to manufacture
  • We have a wide range of railheads and infill panels to choose from
  • Lincoln Metalcraft offer professional installation

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