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Electrical Gates

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Electrical Gates

Imagine coming home on a dark stormy night and having to get out of the car to open the gates,driving through, then having to get out and close them. Electric gates solve these problems and others too.

Lincoln Metalcraft will design and install your electric gates to you specific requirements and ensure that you receive excellent and comprehensive service form beginning to end

Nine reasons why you should have electric gates

The number one benefit is security. They provide a buffer zone between your home
and the undesirable elements lurking on the streets. Electrically controlled gates are a
serious deterrent to the opportunist burglar, car thief or vandal. They are powered by
motors that make it difficult for intruders to force open and you can also fit a lock for
even greater protection. Your automated gates could form part of a comprehensive home
security system which would include video surveillance of the entrance and boundaries of
your property

Keep out other unwanted callers and door-to-door salesmen. Visitors will normally use
an intercom fitted by the gate to contact you before you let them in. This allows you to
decide who enters your property

Comfort and convenience is a major benefit. It is simple to open your gates using a
remote control without having to leave your car. Would you like stay warm and dry
inside your car, then with the press of a button, open and close your gate? Ordinary gates
are often left open because it is just too much trouble to manually open and close them
every time you pass through your drive. Electric gates have a very practical benefit too.
If your gates are large and heavy it may be physically difficult to open and close them

Safety for children and pets is very important. Just as unwanted visitors are prevented
from entering by automated gates so children can be kept safely on the premises. Electric
gates can be set up to close automatically after they have been used so you do not need to
worry that you have left them open and allowed your children or pets to wander out

Electric gates will keep out wild animals like deer and rabbits and prevent them
damaging the plants in your garden

They can also give you privacy. If you have automatic solid wooden gates installed they
will prevent prying eyes observing your home

Prevent other motorists using your drive to turn their cars or even to park

An attractively designed set of automatically operating gates will enhance the appearance
of your home. They will give it extra style and exclusivity and so add to the value of
your home

Finally you may be able to benefit from a lower insurance rate. Some insurers may offer
discount for enhanced perimeter protection

There are just so many benefits from installing electric gates that everyone who owns a home
with a drive should strongly consider installing a set. You can improve your home security, your
family's safety, make life easier and add to the value of your home at the same time

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